Thank you for your interest.

However, Radio Dinner is not accepting new projects at this time.

For all web design, I recommend
Cassel Bear Design in Canton, OH.
I have worked with them in the past and
can personally vouch for the quality of their work,
and their great attitude and work ethic.
You will not be disappointed.

Nic Miller

life is the business of promoting good ideas

Exclusive service,
distinctive artwork.

My mission is simple: Introduce the general public to the great ideas and products of my clients.

I am Nic Miller, the principal designer at Radio Dinner. I have been in print & web design and commercial photography since 2004, and am excited to begin my own effort to bring exceptional commercial design to the interesting people and business around me.

Quick Biography

Name: Nic Miller
Age: Less than 30
Married: Happily.
Children: one, age 1
Expertise: Full Website Packages & commercial photography


Email me

ph: 330.763.1799