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Hey. I'm Nic Miller.

Founder: A Simple Leather Belt Co.


Medical student, free market activist, crossfitter.


High school dropout, commercial photographer, web/print designer.

Things I'm working on.

I have a diverse set of career goals. I'll list them here on the off chance that we might have something in common.

Career Foci



What is Radio Dinner?

Johnny Carson said that if it hadn't been for Philo T Farnsworth, the inventor of the TV, we'd all be eating frozen radio dinners. It struck me that a radio dinner would be an anachronism, an object stuck in the wrong era, and I realized I've always felt like an anachronism. I was a tech loving gearhead living in an Amish community, and I was just the opposite: a millennial with a navigable moral philosophy and a penchant for 19th century political idealogy and making things with my hands. So, Radio Dinner is a screen name that embodies my modus operandi, enjoying the past and the future at the same time, and just learning to be comfortable in the present.


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